Thursday, September 17, 2009

And still I call you my friend

I want to speak to you a lot my dear friend
But you never give an ear to my words
And still I call you my friend!
You speak your words and that’s it
And never answers my queries
And still I call you my friend!
Wonder what binds you to me and me to you!
Never have me met so often
Nor exchanged smiles so often
And still I call you my friend!
You call me when you are alone
Just to fill in your solitudes
And still I call you my friend!
You say I’m so dear to you, a precious possession
But never tried to meet me ever!
And still I call you my friend!
You are aloof to me in nearness
But so fond in remoteness
And still I call you my friend!
I feel as an object of frolicking
trivial, irrelevant, a non entity.
And still I call you my friend!



Look into my eyes
Do they harbour innocence?
Or the vilest unsatiated passions?
Why for you seek the unattainable?
I drink of the stars at night
And sleep with the sun.
I’m, alien to moon
it seems so lethargic.
I must get before the sun rises
to sap up the shiny dews.
But still I know not a
morning from a night or vice versa.
I know not a bud from a flower
nor happiness from sadness.
I sleep with my eyes open so that
I’m not disturbed by dreams.
I smile at you, so do I to the
cosmos, everything is oneness!
Now look again into my eyes
what do you see?!
Keep it unto your mind
Tell me when I’m gone away
Gone far away so that I
May not see the dampness
of pain in your eyes!



Since you went away
I ceased to write.
Seems words never existed.
I sit with a pen and paper
But words elude me.
My heart is blank drained of love
it’s love that make me write, I find !
Do my thoughts reach you?
Do the pangs of my heart reach you?
Are there still the vibrations of understanding?
Come again to me in the dead of night
And we shall talk till the sun peeps in,
quarrel about petty things and make friends again anew,
Or speak in an erudite manner of rocks, minerals and microscopes,
Share a sweet kiss one and thousand,
Unsatiated we shall go for more.
Oh dear wanderer!
Explore thee the unexplored.
Set your feet on virgin lands
Sow the seeds of amity and
reap the harvests in plenty.
And I shall pray thus for thee,
“Calm be thy mind,
Safe be thy journeys,
Easy be thy tasks,
And happy thee return!”
to me as of always.
And when you return,
Bring me a ray of sun
A beam of moonlight
A fragrant petal, a gentle breeze,
and your heart so fond ,red with love!