Friday, October 30, 2009


Today I chopped my heart to pieces umpteen
so that even I too may not recognize
twas an organ that kept me live
fed me love till i lived
and spread my love till i lived.
I rose high above the sky so high
and scattered them to the West wind that blew
let it drift it in its wake.
Rejoice! I'm no more.
Dead on the day I was born!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I quarreled with an hon’ble man
an hon’ble man indeed was he.
Silly, he called me
silly I was but he too were silly.
We fought like cats and dogs
Till blood seeped though the flesh.
Words flew like slingshots
Who was the best? neither could decide
Rains drowned our words, but
who cared, the quarrel went off well.
Who was the first to stop
neither noticed, for weary were we equally.
Then looked for each other’s wounds
Does it hurt you my dear?
He asked, but I was concerned for his’
After all an hon’ble man he was and me, silly
But then we locked our hands and
Oblivious of what happened, parted as friends.
So deep was the pain in out hearts
In that we quarreled, for,
We never forgave each other
And never spoke again.
For, inscrutable are the ways of love!



Forgetting is never so difficult.

Cut off all contacts.
No words, no calls.
Speak no more of it.
If you pass by,
Feign unfamiliarity
You never knew
That’s past even grave.
Seek amity anew,
Speak not of yest.
Roses once withered are
Dead forever!

Despite all efforts.

Heart is such a bizarre thing
Drags you back
Makes you walk through lanes old
Makes you listen to words
Spoken long back
Promises made in the yonder
Makes you feel the warmth
Of kisses shared in camera
And makes you wail in utmost agony
Silent screams that shatters eardrums.

Forgetting is never so easy.


Thursday, October 1, 2009


Don't be mistaken
I love not not you,
nor vie for your love.
I sing no not in praise of you
nor bereave your absences.
I write no not of you
nor share your dreams.
I wander no not seeking you
for I abhor human bonds.
A wisp of cloud exhilarates me
a drop of rain makes me dizzy.
A bloom drenched in dew is my greatest love
a moonlit night is an all time passion.
Like a willo'the wisp wafting in the air
here am I today, gone tomorrow.
Love me not, I love not you
Hate me not,I hate not you!